What You Need to Know About Marketing Solar Energy Products

It can be a struggle to market solar energy. For most customers, it’s a long-term investment and it will require a huge cost up front. It’s not like other industries, so you’ll want to invite customers to your sales funnel and carefully nurture your leads into a sale so that the consumer learns more about your company.

These tips should help you to create a solid solar energy campaign which will provide you with an improved return on your investment.


Showcase the Benefits

There are many great benefits to using solar. Be sure that you showcase these in your marketing. According to research, solar energy can greatly reduce your utility costs and reduce greenhouse gases. Focus on the cost savings and how you can save by sharing this in an email campaign. As consumers learn more about this, they’ll want to find ways to take advantage of the benefits. Invite them to your website to get a free quote.

Highlight the benefits of solar in blog posts and share on social media. Invite your visitors to share as well on their social media. This way, you’ll influence more customers. This can increase sales by as much as 36 percent. Encourage friends and family to share as well. List the benefits on flyers and canvas the neighborhood.

Know the Audience

Target the right audience. This can lead to more sales. Solar can give homeowners many great benefits. Be sure that you share this out in the suburbs. Those who are over 55 are often huge solar users and will capitalize on the opportunity. They want to control what they’re paying for power.

After you’ve worked on your target demographic, you can choose which route to use to reach your audience. 38 percent of those over the age of 55 read the newspaper. Take out an ad. Those in the bracket below 55 may be more likely to use social media to capitalize on that.

Combine several marketing channels for better results. Send out emails in the early stages of the sales and follow up on potential leads. Use telephone marketing and have plenty of question and answer forums running to answer questions.

Use Personalized Marketing

Solar is never an impulse buy. Solar systems use 5000-watt ranges and typically run from $10,000 to $13,000 and up. Show customers how they can save energy consumption with solar and how much they’ll save on their energy bill. Show customers how it’s worth their investment to go solar. Personalize the marketing and tailor the promotions to your market.

Utilize the information for tax relief in your local area. Consider state rebates and tax credit options. This can greatly reduce the cost of starting out with solar. Take advantage of incentives that may vary from one state to another. Show customers how this will benefit them in the long run.

According to research, the better marketing strategies are personal. Personalized emails (people love personalization), are far more successful.

It’s easy to market solar power when you use these tips and trips. Personalize, highlight the benefits of solar and target your audience decisively. In this fashion, you can turn those leads into sales and gain a huge return on your investment.